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We make healthier food choices more accessible for businesses, schools, and other locations in the Midsouth Memphis, Tennessee area and surrounding regions.

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Midsouth Healthy Vending provides healthy food choices through state-of-the-art vending machines designed especially for today’s busy, more health conscience consumers.

Are your employees tired of junk food-only vending machines at work? Do you want to offer them healthy, natural or low-calorie food and beverage options? Midsouth Healthy Vending provides the healthy options your employees want while helping your company promote a healthy lifestyle.

All without any cost or long-term commitment to your company. If you are interested in working with us or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us or fill out our form today!

Memphis, TN vending: Two In One Machines!

State-of-the-Art Machines

Our state-of-the-art vending machines are technologically advanced and designed specifically for today’s busy, more health conscience consumers.

Memphis, TN vending: Two In One Machines!

Providing Healthier Alternatives

Healthier options are sometimes hard to come by, we believe that they shouldn't be. We make healthier eating more accessible for the everyday consumer!

Memphis, TN vending: Two In One Machines!

Locally Owned & Operated

We make it a point to make ourselves readily available. As a locally owned and operated business, we are there when you need us.

...All at no cost to you!!

Service Area

We bring a vending experience like none other to business, facilities and locations in the Midsouth Memphis, TN area and its surrounding regions.

Simply put, you are what you eat and finding healthier alternatives shouldn’t be a hassle. We are in the business of making healthier food choices more accessible for businesses, schools, and other locations.


Eating nutritious foods can improve heart health and reduce risk of things like diabetes and stroke. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to quality snacks and drinks. By bringing healthy vending to your workplace, you give your employees the choice to improve their overall health and wellness.

Make healthy food available to your business with the help of Midsouth Healthy Vending, the leading provider of healthy vending machines in Memphis, Tennessee, and the surrounding area. To promote the importance of physical and mental health, we offer delivery, installation and service of our machines at no extra cost to you.

Healthy vending machines are a welcome addition to any office park, medical center, hotel or apartment. What’s more, we appeal to everyone with our wide range of delicious snack options. The only thing better than the snacks themselves are their affordable prices!

Just think of us as a one-stop-shop for all your vending needs. In addition to healthy snacks, we provide breakroom supplies and necessities. Why waste time on the phone with multiple suppliers when you can deal with just one? Midsouth Healthy Vending will handle everything from start to finish.

If you need anything, you can count on our team of experts to take care of it. We guarantee 24-hour customer support as part of our free, full-service program. Our friendly staff are available to stock your machine, clean your space and take care of maintenance issues both day and night. And don’t forget – Our Memphis Vending services are free!

A day at the office will take its toll on you. Keep your team well-fed and hydrated, and you’ll soon notice a difference in their energy and productivity levels. Employing our Memphis Vending Services is a sure way to get the most out of your team!

We know that keeping your business up and running is no small feat. While you concentrate on keeping your customers satisfied, we’ll focus on providing healthy fuel for your staff. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with the best in Memphis Vending Machine Services!

We’ll even work with you to set up a regular delivery schedule so that you never have to leave the comfort of your own desk. What are you waiting for? Call your friends at Midsouth Healthy Vending to get started today!

Most Memphis Vending Machine Companies use outdated equipment, but not us! Our brand-new combo machines meet all ADA standards and come with guaranteed product delivery. Even better, our machines work with the latest payment technology, including Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. Just swipe your phone, and you’ll be on your way!

It’s our mission to provide the top products and best customer service in the midsouth region. By providing your employees the option to eat healthier foods, you’re reducing their risk of obesity and heart disease and doing a huge service to your community.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we have more good news to deliver. We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy your experience that we don’t ask for any long-term contract or commitment. Our stellar snacks and customer service speak for themselves!

To review, we help you enjoy healthy snacks and drinks on the job. Plus, we take care of all the trouble and guesswork, so you never have to stress. Not all Memphis Vending Companies are created equal. Work with the specialists who will give you the most for your money!

It may sound too good to be true, but we always put the customer first. Simply fill out the form to secure your vending machine, and experience the Midsouth Healthy Vending difference for yourself!